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4 Steps for Link Bait Services.

Link Bait Services

Give each and every one of your blog posts a purpose!

Every "Buzz Worthy" link bait article produced by the BUZZBAITING.COM is developed by a team of professionals that wants you to succeed. Together, high quality copy, search engine friendly headlines and keyword rich content will both hook readers and naturally increase traffic to your website.

"Thanks for the amazing content. This truly is link bait indeed. You also helped me realize I should be targeting other key phrases I hadn't thought of before. Thanks again."


" ... last quarter over 35% of my search engine traffic came from the content you provided. You guys have got something here!"

~ Peter Hill, TaiChiClasses.Net

The Process

To ensure your content is worthy of being called "True Buzz Bait" your order is going to go through many hands before it's complete. This is required in order for us to be sure your content will reach it's full potential.

Niche Market Research

First we thouroghly look over your website, we ask ourselves "What do your readers want to know?". After we get a good feel fo your website or blog we begin a Niche Market Research, research that will help us to find low competition keywords and keyphrases within your niche that can naturally genarate traffic for your specific business.

Content Creation

In order to create the most powerful content possible, we use English speaking, college graduates, who live in America, to write articles based specifically on the topics we choose while doing your Niche Market Research.

Content Optimization

We want people within your niche to find, share and link to, your posts. One of the means we help this to accure is by passing your posts off to a professional SEO consultant who will edit and optimize your almost finished article to ensure your title and content are keyword rich.


All meta content will be created for your posts at this stage as well. Our professional SEO Consultant will create an individualized Page Title, Meta Description & Meta Keywords package for each of the articles you've requested.


The process of creating each one of your link bait articles is so meticulus, and because of this, we know that the quality of each and every article we create will satisfy your expectations! And that is why we are willing, and glad, to offer a 30 Day "Full Ringer" Guarentee. If you are not fully satisfied with one, or all of the articles we create for you, we will send them through the ringer again.

We're Currently Offering A Free "Buzz Boost" For Each Articled Ordered Before February 29th - Over $80 Value

Once your articles go LIVE we'll let these popular blog feeders know that you've just published some awesome new stuff!

4 Steps for Link Bait Services.

Get Natural Traffic, Get Shared, Get Free Links, With Premium "Buzz Worthy" Content

4 Link Bait Articles - $99

Publishing a single piece of fresh "Buzz Worthy" link bait once a week can naturally increase traffic to your website.

8 Link Bait Articles - $179

Grow your business quickly with a bi-weekly link bait post that can generate more traffic to your website and create more leads for your business.

12 Link Bait Articles - $249

The more content you add to your website each month the better. Dominate your niche by posting high quality link bait every other day of the week. Do this and not only will you get more traffic but your readers will keep coming back for more.

Monthly Blog Management

For monthly blog management services please email us at

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