How To Optimize Your Headline Titles & Content

Increase the exposer of your website/blog naturally by creating amazing SEO friendly headlines and keyword rich content that allows search engines to properly index and recommend your content.


Utilizing proven and compeling titles like the ones provided in your Link Bait Tool is only the begining. Here at BUZZBAITING.COM we know how important it is to provide every oppertunity possible for readers to find your copy. We call it "Optimizing Your Exposer".

Use the key phrases you collected from the long tail keyword research tutorial to complete this step.

If your BUZZ BAITING prompt reads "How To" then your headline could read like one of the titles below..

" How To Make Delicious Gourmet Chocolate Strawberries "

" How To Heat Chocolate For Hand Dipped Strawberries "

" How To Create A Beautiful Chocolate Strawberries Bouquet "


It is recommended that any new article or post you write has at least 300 words of completely unique and totally original content, this will ensure you peak the couriousity of those search engine spiders that might peak in. Search engines love seeing growing sites and newly added content.

Make your content keyword rich. Litely sprinkle your article or blogpost with (if possible) ALL 3 variations of the long tail keywords you found. Use the keywords between 2 and 5 times per 100 words.

Having the same keywords found in your page titles, meta description and headlines in your copy makes search engines very happy. When search engines are happy, you'll be happy.

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