Long Tail Keyword Research Tutorial

This long tail keyword research tutorial can help you establish what key phrases each post will be targeting, in essence, allowing you to give each of your posts a reason for living. To do this, we'll be utilizing the Google Keyword Tool.


Let's suppose your blog or website is about Gardening or Cooking and you're in the mood to write about "Strawberries", who doesn't love strawberries?

Simply add the word "Strawberries" into the Keyword Tool as seen below.

* Don't forget to check the box 'Only show ideas closely related to my search terms'.


Click on the link that says "Global Monthly Searches" until it orders the keywords from lowest to highest volume.


Scroll down until you see all the terms that fall between 500 and 1,000 Global Monthly Searches (GMS).

Here are some good ones ...

" Gourmet Chocolate Strawberries "

" Hand Dipped Strawberries "

" Chocolate Strawberries Bouquet "

Anything greater than 1,000 is fine, you just might need to do a little of your own link building before you'll get the "Free" search engine exposer we're aiming for with these lower, usually less competitive keywords.

NEXT ...

After you've finished your long tail keyword research, you'll need to add your keywords to your articles headline and content.

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